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A Prayer for the Sick and Suffering

When reading "A Prayer for the Sick and Suffering", replace the words "the sick", "this sick person", "this person" or any similar combination for the actual name of the person you are praying for. The whole text is addressed to pray for a sick woman, but feel free to replace it for a man as you need.

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Jehovah God, the Lord that heals.

Please accept my prayer on behalf of this sick woman.

I present unto you the condition of her body that needs your healing. +

History shows that there is nothing impossible for you. King Hezekiah was near death but he prayed to you and you heard him. You healed him; you extended many good years of life to him and gave him powerful promises of victory.

Give me a word that I may transmit faith to the sick. And in her obedience, let her receive your healing as it was the case of Naaman.

Please provide a person full of the healing power of your Spirit. Someone like Elijah. He prayed for the son of that widow of Sarepta and he revived. Please bring in a person like that to pray for her.

If any man or woman of God comes to town; help me carry the sick to the meeting so that she may receive your miraculous healing. +

It is my desire that she receives healing like the citizens of Zion. That is your holy city. The place where you dwell. In there, none of its inhabitants are sick and their sins are forgiven.

Lord, remember the many occasions when she blessed others. How she fed the poor and helped the needy. You promised in Psalm 41:1-3 that you will strengthen her on her bed of illness and will sustain her on her sickbed.

Holy Spirit, I beg you to convince her to remain humble before God. Protect her from making the mistake King Asa made. He became ill but did not seek your help but only relied on the ability of physicians and ended up dying.

But I take the opportunity to also bless the doctors and the people caring for her. Let them all receive your wisdom so they can easily identify the cause of the disease. +

God, I beg you to forgive her if she has a proud heart. Help her understand who you are so that she may humble unto you. Do not let her suffer the destruction of her body, riddled with plague as was the king of Assyria.

I bless the soul and mind of this sick woman. May her faith be strengthen before you come to her. For sure the disbeliever will not receive your healing touch. +

Please give her a cheerful spirit during this time. I know this will help her to get out of her disease. +

Almighty Jesus, please hear this prayer for the sick.

Come by today and let her touch the hem of your garment. Allow your healing power flow to fully restore her sick body; as it happened in Mark 6.

Come Jesus, divine healer. Walk through the room where she is at right now, and take away all sickness and disease from her. +

Come in Lord. Look and see her condition. All she needs is the touch of your hand as you did with Peter's mother in law.

Jesus, the Bible says that large crowds carrying the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many more, were laid down at your feet; and you healed them. Please do the same for this person. +

Please heal her when you see her approaching you. I pray she will always follow you wherever you go. +

Stop by and see her waiting for you. Be moved to compassion and heal her from all sickness. +

Holy Spirit, give me the determination to visit her and bring hope. +

I will visit her as if it was you. I do not want you to rebuke me for ignoring the needy. +

Keep me from abandoning the sick to die; on the contrary, give me the resources to help her get out of bed and on her feet with full health. +

Lord, if you want to use me, then please bless my next visit to her. I want to anoint her with oil as your disciples did, and they healed many sick people.

I set my heart to receive the impartation of your power to heal the sick as it is written in Matthew 10:8. I will not gain money with your power. I will freely receive and will freely give it.

Lord Jesus, I believe in the power of your great name. I will put my hands on the sick and she will regain her health. Let this happen for your own glory! +

Holy Spirit help her understand that Jesus already took her infirmities and bore her sicknesses. Help her believe and receive it in order to be healed immediately. +

Father God, I trust your goodwill be done in her body and soul.

In the name of Jesus,


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"A Prayer for the Sick and Suffering" was inspired on these Bible Verses: Genesis 48:1 - Leviticus 13:21-37 - 1 Samuel 30:11-13 - 1 Kings 17:7-24 - 2 Kings 5:1-14 - 2 Kings 20:1-6 - 2 Chronicles 16:12-14 - Isaiah 10:12-18 - Isaiah 33:24 - Psalm 41:1-3 - Proverbs 18:14 - Matthew 4:23 - Matthew 8:14-17 - Matthew 10:8 - Matthew 12:15 - Matthew 14:14 - Matthew 14:35 - Matthew 15:30 - Matthew 25:36-44 - Mark 1:32 - Mark 6:5-6 - Mark 6:13 - Mark 6:56 - Mark 16:17-18 - Image: Sick

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