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Prayer for Money

It is not nice to go hungry, scarce and need every month.

For this reason, this prayer to have money will help you express yourself before God.

Here you will NOT ask God for fortunes, but you will ask for help to cover your expenses and help others.

Prayer for Money

Very well, pray like this:


I come before you today to pray for my finances.

Scarcity threatens me continually.

Every month I suffer because there is not enough.

I humble myself before you because I know that you are a God of abundance.

You are a God who gives out of love and mercy.

I am aware that good times and bad times come to everyone.

Give me wisdom to know even when it's time to reject money and goods.

I want to avoid all the curses against my finances.

I'd rather live in the shadow of wisdom than in the shadow of money.

I know that your wisdom will give me life.

Help me not to depend on money the way you taught your disciples.

Help me understand that money is not my friend.

Help me never fall into the mistake of loving money.

I never want to behave like a flatterer.

I don't want to make excuses to get money from others.

Keep me from preferring money more than you oh god.

I don't want to fail like Judas by giving you 30 pieces of silver.

Not by mistake do I receive more money than I should do business, I will return it.

When you bless me, I will lend money to the needy of your people.

But I will not work as an interest-bearing lender.

If I have day laborers, I will always pay them on the day what they have worked.

My employees will NOT complain about me because I will not fail them.

I will never accept money to hurt anyone.

I will not accept a bribe involving innocent people.

I will not accept bad money.

Dirty money soon runs out.

I will not err using money to bribe judges or rulers.

I will not pay prophets to give false predictions.

I will not prostitute my body, nor will I profit from prostitution to have money.

Let me understand that love of money is the root of all kinds of ills.

And that those who covet it deviate from you.

I don't want to cause myself any harm behind money.

Keep me from the bad reputation of being known as someone who loves money.

Help me to be content with what I have.

Thank you my God because you say to me: "I will never leave you; I will never abandon you."

I need help to be orderly in my finances.

Help me set aside a portion that allows me to share with others.

I will no longer be arrogant saying that I will do business and earn money.

Now I humbly say, "God willing, I will do it!"

I trust you my Lord, that's why today I praise you because I know that you will help me and guide me.

Thank you for what you will do to make me come out of scarcity and into abundance.

In the name of Jesus,


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How good you have done this Prayer for Money - Abundance and NOT Scarcity!

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