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Prayer to Recover My Wife and My Family

How glad I am that you seek God's help in this difficult situation.

The "Prayer to Recover My Wife and My Family" will be a powerful tool to open your heart to the Lord and cry out for his guidance.

You should know that this prayer is based on 1 Samuel 30: 1-19.

I believe that the experience lived by the protagonist of that story, David, can be adapted to the different problems that separate a man from his wife and children.

All right, pray like this ...

Beloved Heavenly Father,

I have left my house, I have gone behind my passions,
And now that I return, the love of my family is gone.

My wife's heart and my children are far from me.

Their feelings are captive by the pain that I caused them.
How to say forgive me?

How to find and reach their hearts?

How to make them understand that I will never do it again?

I raise my voice and cry before your presence Lord,
because I feel helpless in this situation.

I cry and I will cry until I lack the strength to continue crying,
Because I'm guilty and I don't know what to do.

Now also, the rest of the family, friends and acquaintances
It seems that they want to stone me for this situation.

This evil that I committed becomes bitterness of the soul
of everyone who finds out what I did;
they are shocked to know that I am
one of those who failed his family.

But despite my guilt, today I come before You to take strength in your presence.

I recognize that I have failed, but I don't want to die, but to live
to amend the evil, repair the damage, correct my life,
love my family and honor you.

Therefore, Lord, I come to consult with your Holy Spirit;

How do I recover this beautiful family you gave me?

How will I find the way to my wife's heart?

How to explain to my children that I love them and that they believe me?

I humble myself before You because I know that with you I will be able to unite our lives again.

I know that with you I can take away the demons of hate, resentment
and the lack of forgiveness that act against us because of me.

Strengthen me Lord and those who help me and advise me.

Give me understanding to know when the advice comes from you, and when not.

I need your wisdom to leave behind everything that will harm my relationship with my family.

I know that it is NOT with force, with cunning and human strategies, but with your Spirit of love.

Please, put in my way the people who will guide me to recover my loved ones.

Give me the discernment to receive the perfect advice and wait for the right time.

Surely right now the demons of separation, divorce, hate,
and all his minions will be partying while my family is broken.
But today I declare and decree:

- That I get up to recover the love, trust and forgiveness that I lost,

- I will not practice sin again and the mistakes I made against my family,

- I will attack every spirit that imprisons hearts and the feelings of all of them,

- I will wake up early to cry out for the restoration of my marriage,

- I will pray for my children to return their hearts to a home of love,

- And I will have total victory over my enemies.

Then I will tell everyone what You my God have done for my family,
and how you helped me change my life.

I think so, I confess it and I will,

In the name of Jesus,



How good you have done this "Prayer to Recover My Wife and My Family"!

But if this is the first time you are praying to God, then I want to invite you to make another prayer. A VERY IMPORTANT prayer.

This prayer will not only bless your present, but also your future, even your eternity; do today...

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