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God, I Need a Husband

God of Love,

I raise my prayer to you.

Please help me find the man whom I can love without reservations; and that he may love me the way the Bible teaches.

I do not want to waste my time with casual lovers.

I want to unite with the man with whom I can form a thousand generations of blessed children.

Lord, the Bible says that you made man according to your image and likeness; please give me a husband who will behave like your true son.

God, I need a husband and I pray that...

He will be a good listener.

He will be a kind and giving person.

He will always be ready to help me when I need him.

He will never deny me his love, nor fail to his loyalty covenant.

He will be capable to forgive me when I fail, just like you forgave my sins.

He will not be a man given to affairs with other women; King Solomon failed this way and his heart was diverted from you.

He will always maintain his love constant and keep his faithful covenant with me.

He will be a gracious and compassionate husband; a man slow to anger.

He will be a man who knows how to fight in order to succeed in life.

He will always remember to show me his tenderness and affection.

He will love me so much that his love will reach to the heavens.

His love will comfort me in those difficult times in life.

His care will motivate me to keep going.

His love will last a lifetime.

His love will never end.

I will be able to trust in his love.

God, please help me to awaken my interest in all his projects and activities. I want him to know that I am her true partner in life.

Help me notice good reasons to speak well of how much he loves me.

May we live loving each other in times of abundance and scarcity.

I proclaim that...

- Only his love will satiate me.

- His love will make me sing of joy.

- I will rejoice in his love despite the anguish and sorrows in life.

- I will become a tender wife, charming and beautiful to his eyes; my love will captivate him at all times.

- I will flourish by his side while living confident in his love.

- His love for me will be better than life.

- I will enjoy the kisses of his lips more than wine.

- And together we will drink to the bottom the cup of love.

... Amen

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