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Prayer for World Peace

Lord God, we invoke your presence worldwide for nations in conflict to make peace alliances; that countries eliminate battles, and instead celebrate peace banquet. +

We humbly pray for peace in our cities where every day we'll serve, honor and proclaim your name. +

Although the world rejects you, we love your law. Take away from our people stumble violence and war, and give us great peace. +

Your sons and daughters who love you do not die from war, but peace was reunified with their parents in eternity, and be buried in a good old age. +

But we also recognize our mistakes. Forgive us Lord for we have sinned against you as a nation. We had peace and wasted in debauchery. But now we turn to you crying for your mercy. Deliver us from violence and war; please give us your peace. +

Our God, we turn now to you in friendship; bless us with peace and prosperity. +

In this prayer for world peace, we also ask blessing for our Presidents and colleagues. For each of them is as Mordecai, whom history remembers him as a great and highly esteemed among his countrymen seek the welfare of the people and peace for all. +

Help choose the presidents men and women who are wise to rule the country with equity and justice for everyone to enjoy peace. +

That our presidents are blessed as was King Solomon and his people, who enjoyed peace on all borders. + + + +

That our nations be glad to make pacts with you oh Lord, will praise you the peace you give us. +

Oh God, please come to dwell in our countries; Your presence will bring victory over all evil and abundance of peace everywhere. +

Help us to live in peace to build our cities, because we have sought your presence Lord our God. +

Hear what you have to say our God, speak peace to your people and your holy, lest we return to madness because of the evil and terror that awaits us. +

Bless your children around the world for peace we lie and so we sleep; because only you do live Lord entrusted to us. +

Jehovah God, the world is full of thy people; children that they obey and serve. Empower us and bless us with peace. +

Help us ...
- To become people of sound heart, calm and quiet; because your word teaches that such shall inherit the land and enjoy great peace. +

- Encourage others to be people of integrity and fair, because a happy ending awaits the people of peace.

- Living paragraphs of evil, do good, seek peace and pursue it; lets the world see this, appreciate and imitate. +

Thank God that we can trust you. Although many are against us, you shall redeem our souls in peace war. +

Thank God that our peace depends on your mercy. Please complete our territories and O satisfy us with the best that produces this blessed land. +

In the name of Jesus,


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If you would like to go in-depth in this prayer for world peace, I recommend you to read any/all these books. They were written by people who lived similar situations and overcame them. Give them the chance to describe you their testimonies, advices and over all expertise in the subject.

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Prayer for World Peace; inspired on these Bible Verses: Génesis 15:15 - Génesis 26:28-31 - Éxodo 18:23 - 1 Reyes 4:24 - 1 Reyes 5:4 - 1 Reyes 8:56 - 1 Crónicas 22:9 - 1 Crónicas 22:18 - 2 Crónicas 14:6-7 - 2 Crónicas 15:15 - Nehemías 9:28 - Ester 10:3 - Job 22:21 - Salmos 4:8 - Salmos 29:11 - Salmos 34:14 - Salmos 37:11 - Salmos 37:37 - Salmos 55:18 - Salmos 85:8 - Salmos 119:165 - Salmos 122:6 - Salmos 147:14 - Images: Earth Dove

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